How to use the cryo machine?

Published by Farslim April 14,2021

How to use the cryo machine?

The following is a operation guide of the fat freezing machine function, please refer to:

After installing the accessories and the handle, add water. After the machine is filled with water,

(The handle needs to be connected one by one according to the label, please be tightly clamped, if it is not clamped, there is a gap, it will leak into the cryotherapy machine, it will damage the machine accessories and the freezing head handle)

1. Please determine the treatment area of the frozen lipolysis course.

2. Please be sure to apply a professional antifreeze film on the treatment area. It is recommended to use 2 pieces of antifreeze film. No meat should be exposed in the treatment area.

antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis

3. At the beginning of the treatment course, you can press the snowflakes on each frozen head and set the hot massage function.

4. The freezing temperature is set to: 0 or -1 degrees, vacuum power: 20-30%, treatment time is generally 30-60 minutes, (Negative pressure mode M1: continuous suction, M2 is one second and one second, M3 is two seconds and one second, M4 is three seconds and one second, M1 is the strongest. The negative pressure mode can be based on customer comfort Degree to adjust itself)


5. Approximately 3 minutes after the start of the treatment session, after the end of the thermal function, the machine automatically switches to the frozen treatment session. No additional adjustments are required.

6. About 10-15 minutes, you can try to reduce the freezing temperature to: -3 ~ -4 degrees, negative pressure strength: 30-40%, at the same time you must ask the customer's feelings and comfort. If there is any discomfort, you can first adjust the parameters just back, similar to the previous steps, slowly lower the temperature step by step, and increase the negative pressure strength. (It is recommended that the temperature should not be lower than -4 degrees. If you need a lower temperature, you need to make reasonable adjustments based on the customer's fat physique and treatment experience)


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