The Operation Method Of The Hello Face Meso Gun Machine?

Published by Farslim February 27,2021

The Operation Method Of The Hello Face Meso Gun Machine?

When you buy a Water Mesotherapy Gun, open the package, and don’t know how to use Meso Gun Mesotherapy Machine. At the first time, the instructions and RF Mesotherapy Gun Machine videos must be watched. For the face, neck, eyes and forehead, the operation of the instrument also needs to be studied, so that the product can be absorbed more easily, to achieve a firmer skin.

Product to work with: Micro essence, hyaluronic acid, lyophilized powder, essence liquid and other products with flflowing liquids can only be operated, and it is prohibited to operate with thick liquids.

 Vacuum Mesotherapy Gun

Avoid the throat knot, operate from the top of the collarbone along the skin texture and texture (note: Do not operate on throat knot)

hydro vacuum mesotherapy gun

Operate from the chin along the jaw line in the direction of the earlobe, and the corner of the mouth along the cheek to ward the middle of the ear, and then from the nose and apple muscle to the temple.  (The operation head could be close to the skin during operation, or operated away from the skin when the nostril mouth, the nostril part)

Needle Free Meso Gun

fifixed-point operation from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, and then fifixed-point operation along the direction of the temple to the direction of the hairline. (Note: Avoid the eyes, do not operate on the upper eyelid)

Radio Frequency Meso Gun

From the middle of the two eyebrows, move upwards to the fifixed point next to the hairline, and then from the top of the eyebrows and the tail of the eyebrows to the fifixed point of the hairline.

Note: 1. Adjust the lowest output when eyes treatment.

        2.To clean the syringe by pure water or saline after use, and dry it for next operation.

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