How to operate beauty equipment correctly?

Published by Farslim December 10,2020

After operating the beauty instrument for so many years, is your operation method correct? Have you insisted on using the beauty equipment for so long but can't lose weight? When it appears that the effect of weight loss cannot be well reflected, it is necessary to find out the reasons from the way of operation, diet and exercise. The most important thing is that you must have skills in operation, a method to operate the instrument, and a clear understanding of information related to the human body.

1. Operation schematic drawing of 40K cavitation explode work head      
Massage the fat of thigh in circles

home cavitation machine     

2. Operation schematic drawing of sextupole RF laser work head for body
Waist and abdomen care(25minutes,2-3 days/time)
①Massage to navel as center and gradually expanding the range

rf slimming machine

②Massage chest nest, both sides of former abdomen and below the navel(into diamond) from inside to outside in circles.  

③ Concentrated the fat from 4 directions to navel as center.          
④ Massage from end of pelvis to groin in circles.  

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⑤ Massage from inner rib to outer edge in circles.                 
⑥ Massage back and forth from inner rib to outer edge in straight line
⑦ LiftiHip and he lower part of the body care(30minutes,2-3days/time)used the ΦD50mm probe

laser lipo cavitation rf machine

Concentrated the fat to groin in circles or straight from inner rib to outer edge after massage.  

 3. Operation schematic drawing of Tripolar RF work head for face
① Massage the mandible center in circles to produce deep heat.

Lipolaser Cavitation

②Massage lower jaw in lines.                                  
③ Massage the triangle zone of both sides of the face in circles.

rf cavitation

③Massage from jaw to angulus oris to ear in lines. 
④ Massage from jaw to angulus oris to ear in lines.  

Through effective ways to achieve a firmer weight loss effect。

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