What kind of vacuum cavitation machine is suitable for beauty salons?

Published by Farslim February 16,2023

A perfect figure is no longer just a matter of concern to female friends, and now many men have begun to pay attention to their own figures. From the popularity of beauty salons and weight loss institutions, we can see that people are basically concerned about their body image. Usually, we don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to lose weight. There are many ways to lose weight, but now with the development of science and technology, Vacuum cavitation machine weight loss equipment is more favored by the majority of customers. Vacuum cavitation machine is divided into many kinds, and the price is not the same. When choosing, consumers need to compare and observe many aspects.

Different manufacturers of vacuum cavitation machines not only have quite different appearances and effects but also have different prices. Customers can purchase suitable instruments according to their own needs in the store, often not the more expensive the more suitable for you, the right one is the best.


The main classification of vacuum cavitation machine:


1. Small vacuum cavity machine:


Many of these devices are weight-loss devices used by families. They have a certain weight-loss effect, but the effect time is relatively slow, and some reasonable exercises are needed to lose weight.

Vacuum cavitation machine

The small vacuum cavitation machine multi-polar radio frequency technology can heat the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer, shrink collagen fibers at the same time and stimulate collagen regeneration, so as to achieve better skin tightening, wrinkle removal, fat reduction, and body sculpting effects. And this machine also has a tripolar 5 MHz RF for the face and a bipolar 5 MHz RF for the eyes.


2. Mid-end vacuum cavity machine:


Most of these instruments are weight-loss instruments purchased by beauty salons or weight-loss salons. The weight-loss effect is very good. With the reasonable weight-loss treatment course of the weight-loss institution, you can basically lose weight quickly.

Vacuum cavitation machine

The mid-end vacuum cavitation machine has a collective strong sound wave head. It can emit strong sound waves of 40kHz to vibrate fat cells at a high speed, and generate countless vacuum pockets inside and outside the fat cells. A powerful shock to fat cells produces an inward explosion that breaks down triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. The integrated glycerol and free fatty acids are then depleted through enterohepatic circulation using radiofrequency waves at a frequency of 1M HZ. at last. Vacuum RE and energy electrodes are used to target and tighten fat. in physics. This is the so-called "cavitation". The micropores inside and outside the cells explode inward, which may lead to enhanced molecular movement and higher energy levels, which eventually lead to the rupture of fat cells, thereby achieving the effect of bodybuilding and weight loss.


3. High-end vacuum cavitation machine:


Most of these instruments are purchased by large beauty salons or weight loss salons. The weight loss effect is very good. With the reasonable weight loss treatment course of the weight loss institution, it can basically lose weight quickly. Of course, there are also price gaps between different types of weight loss equipment, so how to choose depends on your own choice.

Vacuum cavitation machine

High-end vacuum cavitation machine, 40KHZ strong waves will be launched into the body, violently impacting the cells, causing the fat cells to generate frictional motion, thereby consuming calories and reducing the size of the fat cells. In addition, due to the strong impact and wave vibration, a large number of fat cells will explode immediately, and the number of fat cells will be significantly reduced.

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