What should we pay attention to operat the instrument?

Published by Farslim April 14,2021

What should we pay attention to operat the radio frequency machine

RF vacuum handle

Through the combination of vacuum negative pressure and photoelectricity, the lymphatic channels are unblocked, accelerating the body's metabolism, blood circulation, accelerating the metabolism of toxins and the absorption of nutrients, alleviating pain, maintaining health, and thereby purifying acid and rectifying acid. The high-frequency radio frequency can reach the fat body directly, so that the fat cell tissue is in a fast and active state, and generates thermal energy of the cell body. Heat to increase local temperature, through sweat glands, combined with vacuum suction, through negative pressure strong massage, directly blast thick fat.

rf cavitation slimming machine

Operational recommendations

1.The physiotherapy brush is mainly used for meridian dredging and detoxification projects. The recommended operating time for one part is 15-30 minutes, and it is adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer (brilliance and physical condition). After the operation of the fat bursting head, it can be dredged with a physiotherapy brush, which is beneficial to expelling toxins in the body, speeding up metabolism, reducing weight and maintaining health at the same time, and can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

2.Before operating with the probe, it is recommended to manually massage the acupuncture points for 5-10 minutes to allow the client's body to adapt to the most comfortable state. If you are doing a weight loss project, you can continue to use the health brush directly after the fat burst.

3.You can do the body health project with the corresponding essential oils for health function; do the weight loss shaping project with the corresponding fat burning products such as weight loss essential oil / fat burning cream / slimming gel.

Treatment tips

1. The probe must be in close contact with the skin during treatment.

2. The beautician should communicate well with the client when adjusting the intensity.

3. After the operation, clean the skin with a hot towel.

4. Use circular movements or straight movements during care. Do not stay in the same place all the time. Move continuously or pull up.

Handles care ways:

1. After each operation is completed, the probe should be cleaned in time and washed with physiological saline. The entire probe cannot be directly washed in water and wiped with a damp soft cloth.

2. Due to the heating effect of operating the probe, after use, do not place it directly on the hanger. Wait for the probe to cool before placing it on the accessory hanger.

3. The accessory rack cannot be wiped with alcohol, and physiological saline should be used for cleaning.

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